Platform is a company that exists not for profit but to support projects with intend to advance the rejuvenation and conservation of our natural world whilst promoting the development of communities.


we aim to support projects that:

  • have creative ideas with potential to bring about social and economical change (for themselves and those around them)
  • but lack the network and/or skills and/or tools and/or finance make it happen.


we hope your idea can tick our boxes:

  • the potential to stand on its own economic feet.
  • is based on the advancement of our environment. 
  • has a long term vision.
  • does not discriminate.
  • is not illegal…


we can facilitate and lend a hand with:

  • project management 
  • logistics
  • financial management and sponsorship
  • awareness and marketing
  • space
  • tools
  • skills
  • training and development