status meetings…

we use blog posts to keep you updated on project progress

the deck: fanplastiek

a pitch deck for fanplastiek as we head towards the launch of the project via the design science studio

invisible thread: fanplastiek

‘making the invisible visible’ as we discover the complex network of factors at play in every step of the project development.

detour: fanplastiek

unexpected detours have lead to a deeper understanding of the potential impact our projects can have on the future of communities.

call to action: fanplastiek

we’ve finally got our rubber duckies in a row – we’ve done our homework and we’re ready to let this one out into the world… but for that we need creative contributions!

status update: fanplastiek

after extensive brainstorming, development of strategies and research into potential markets and opportunities, #fanplastiek is moving into the next phase – campaign development.


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