want to work together?

we are always keen to hear about possible projects and interesting ideas. as a guideline, we aim to support projects that:

  • implements creative ideas that
  • has potential to bring about social and economical change (for individuals and the community around them) but
  • lacks the network and/or skills and/or tools and/or finance make it happen.

Platform would love to help everyone, but specifically we look to assist projects that tick the following boxes:

  • has the potential to stand on its own economic feet.
  • uses practices that have the best interests of our home at heart. 
  • has a long term vision and commitment.
  • does not unfairly discriminate against anyone or anything.
  • is not illegal

still sounds like we are a good fit?

active projects


based on the model, adapted to the South African landscape. focussing on vulnerable youth in informal settlements; the aim is to generate income while cleaning up the environment and repurposing the plastic into useful products to sell, build with and use in public -art -infrastructure.

find out more, here.

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