our services


verb: bear all or part of the weight of; hold up, give assistance to enable it to function.

noun: material assistance.

we support projects by facilitating assistance through our networks with regard to:

project management

‘without realistic goal setting and planning, a dream can very quickly become a nightmare.’ 

we’ll assist in process mapping to help you break your dream down into realistic, attainable goals (step by step, een voet ander voet) and to sidestep any pesky obstacles that are likely to arise. 


noun: the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

like that definition, logistics can be hella overwhelming, so our network of systematic overthinkers and deep detailers comes with years of experience in all fields of complex and crazy operations.


finances can be very daunting, especially to creative thinkers and innovative dreamers. 

where money is involved, our network of numerates – ranging from budgeting officers (we salute you) to chartered accountants and people with fundraising success stories – will keep you in cheque… never fear, a spreadsheet superhero is near, to assist each project in navigating a financial plan in order to reach the projects’ objectives and put the fun (back) into fundraising. 


we all know social media is the tool for distributing information in this day and age, but we’ve all seen it go horribly wrong too… our internet intellectuals will assist people and projects in creating and targeting unique content, generating interest and awareness to achieve goals and stay #relevant.

we’re also loud advocates of ‘getting offline’ and looking up from the screen occasionally; so lets plot and plan some real life initiatives and word of mouth campaigns too. 


using our network of makers and creators, we will link projects to individuals (that have cool workshops, essential equipment and mad skills) as needed to achieve the objectives of each project; to learn, upskill and have fun. 

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