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an elevator pitch / speech / statement is a short description of an idea, product, or company that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time. like if you got into an elevator with someone and they asked you “so what are you working on” and you only had a few floors’ worth of ascension time to get them hooked.

so after we had developed our full lenght business plan we condensed it down to something a bit shorter… it’s still a complex idea (like you might have seen if you took some time to explore The Framework) but here we go:

Plastic waste is a well-known and far-reaching global environmental problem. Locally, countless municipalities are struggling with waste management, with most landfills in the Western Cape alone projected to reach capacity within the next five years.  

this seems dire, but we see an immense opportunity in all of it. 

what is Fanplastiek? 

Fanplastiek combines a local beneficiation program with a social upliftment community project rooted in environmental rejuvenation and economic development; achieved by means of local plastic repurposing and the establishment of entrepreneurial opportunities with very low barriers to entry. 

our ultimate goal is to establish and grow circular economies that turn plastic waste into market relatable products, scaling up towards a system that can compete within said market. upgrading existing infrastructure to serve the very communities from where it originates and create various relatable career opportunities and partnerships.

the business plan

the Fanplastiek business plan is based on the successful, Precious Plastic model, which we have adjusted for application in the [South] African context, focusing on job creation in previously disadvantaged-, and/or struggling communities. 

the Precious Plastic model has produced successful businesses in 1000+ locations worldwide, with very few, similar small community initiatives in South Africa. companies that are currently manufacturing products from recycled plastics in SA typically do not tackle the issues of waste plastic that has already reached the landfills, been dumped illegally or accumulated due to lack of public services.

investment and funding opportunities

it is crucial that we scale up production and development as soon as possible. there lies opportunity within landfills, whether it’s social capital, energy/electricity production, materials or environmental restoration. recycling as the “7th resource” and landfill mining is the next frontier and the time to get on board is now.

what funding and grant allocation will yield:

economic upliftment and employment opportunities: Fanplastiek will generate positive income effects for beneficiary households.  by means of a local beneficiation strategy, Fanplastiek can emerge as an employment multiplier in rural areas through the transformation of a readily available, plentiful resource to a higher value product. partnerships with European designers and outlets will ensure that the products stay relevant with a competitive market share.

we will also employ up to four mid-level employees through our workshop (in the first year) and double that every subsequent year; while each contract or project will offer opportunities for casual employment (with very low barriers to entry). 

constantly training crew and staff members will ensure that they are equipped with relative skills and knowledge to encourage entrepreneurship and upskilling.

positive environmental impact: ocal beneficiation will also reduce the community’s carbon footprint immensely, while actively eradicating waste in natural environments and drastically diminishing volumes at landfills. Creating a sense of pride and stewardship for the land and it’s inhabitants.

social upliftment and education / awareness: individuals will be encouraged to grow and develop through the expansion of their own capabilities.  a living wage, a cleaner environment, improved living conditions and opportunities for advancement will all contribute to greatly increase the community’s overall quality of life.

know someone that would be interested to invest in this idea? please share this post or reach out to us on fanplastiek@platform.org.za!

even if you don’t know someone specific, sharing this post will be a great help!

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