invisible thread: fanplastiek

as mentioned in our previous post, H is exploring how the implementation of a project like fanplastiek can lead developing a framework for a community as a living system.

at the end of January, and phase two of the curriculum, project updates had to be presented to the theme of ‘making the invisible visible’ as we discover the complex network of factors at play in every step of the way.

here is a quick look at how the concept of fanplastiek has evolved with the exposure to the Living Systems Collaboratory, by taking a closer look at the elaborate mind map of ideas, notes and plans.

moving into the final phase and preparing for the public launch of the project now involves summarizing concepts while developing each area in greater detail; conceptualizing and implementing ways to present the project to various audiences and on available platforms; and breaking it all down into logical next steps to implement.

if you have any questions or input, please get in touch via

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