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The Rolling Stones had a point when they preached that you can’t always get what you want, but you just might get what you need…

when we set out to raise funds via crowdsourcing we underestimated the drastic economic impact that 2020 had had on the people we had hoped to get support from. expecting individuals to invest in a vision when their incomes were curtailed and their futures unsure was unfair, no matter how small the request seemed. and envisioning us implementing an active campaign to promote the fundraiser in the final weeks of the most taxing year ever, was foolish.

but while the crowdfunding door closed, another door opened in the form of a grant. H’s work on fanplastiek via the Design Science Studio lead to an opportunity to explore the greater vision as a living system. The Living Systems Collaboratory* and the financial grant offered to explore and develop concepts, has opened up more opportunities to make an impact than we could have imagined in isolation.

In the video below Helena presents the project as it stood in early December, in a 3-minute overview as required to deliver at the end of phase one of the course.

*The collaboratory is presented by Design Science Studio at the Buckminster Fuller Institute in partnership with habRitual + The Emergent Media DesignLab at the University of California, Irvine in partnership with Gray Area and Burners without Borders. This new program provides funding for artists and designers to support the development of creative projects that explore living systems. The Collaboratory works work with a cohort for of up 30 designers and artists who are designing projects that aid people in perceiving the biological, cognitive, social, ecological, philosophical, spiritual, mathematical, political and technological dimensions of life as a unified whole as inspired by living systems.

it has become clear over the course of the Collaboratory that fanplastiek is merely step one in a much bigger plan to reimagine how communities function.

and for the next phase the big picture is being created, researched and developed in much detail:

above is a zoomed out look at the project whiteboard, a mind map which we will explore more closely in our next post.

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