crowdfunding: fanplastiek

status: active | phase: fundraising p1

instagram: #fanplastiekFacebook: /Fanplastiek

in any project there comes a time when you have to move on from plans, lists and sketches to start building the thing. right now our thing is the shredder.

  • we’ve started collecting and hoarding plastics
  • and have lined up lots of new sources – so it’s time to start shredding!

so, we’ve launched a crowd funding campaign, as phase one of our fundraising.

any little donation will help to cover our basics start up costs; to build the first shredder, buy us some focussed time to work towards a launch event – to present the project and its possibilities, products and solutions to potential sponsors, the local municipality, businesses and the community.

to check out the fundraiser and/or to donate visit the Thundafund campaign, by clicking here.

if money is tight (we know the feeling) you can also support us with your creative capital, check out our previous post calling for content.

for a more detailed breakdown of budget and costs for this phase, click here.

byvoorbaat dankie!

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