call to action: fanplastiek

status: active | phase: content creation

instigator: Raynard Gouws | contact:

we’ve finally got our rubber duckies in a row – we’ve done our homework and we’re ready to let this one out into the world… but for that we need creative contributions!

Platform was created with collaboration in mind. we want to pull together all the skills and resources of our wide and diverse network of artists, makers, shakers and creators in order to make sustainable community projects happen.

so here we are, calling for your creative collaboration, cooperation and contributions. 

hello. we’re looking for visual content (graphic design | photos | illustrations | videos | animations etc) and stories (narratives | experiences) to share via our social media platforms.

we’ve developed one hell of a spider diagram, written a wordy presentation, narrowed down the message and developed the brand identity – now we want it to take on a life of it’s own with all of your interpretations.

if you are keen to contribute something or find out more about ideas and concepts


you can view the brand ID kit, by clicking here.

these sticky notes form part of a wider diagram spinning a wide web of possibilities, viewable on my Miro board here.

byvoorbaat baie dankie… 😉

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what is so crazy about being different, she wondered, quietly.

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