status update: fanplastiek

status: active | phase: content and campaign development

instigator: Raynard Gouws | contact:

Fanplastiek logo by Ilse Erasmus

after extensive brainstorming, development of strategies and research into potential markets and opportunities, #fanplastiek is moving into the next phase – campaign development.

concept development mind map by H Sheridan

in order to find potential investors, donors and or sponsors a project needs a solid portfolio of proposals, budgets, marketing content and roll out strategy. Kristy and Helena has been working with Raynard to gather all the information and present it in suitable formats.

we are collaborating with:

-artists and illustrators to create striking, easy to understand visual content in order to curate an online presence.

-crowd funding experts, to find the best avenues to reach donors.

-systems mapping designers, to digest all the information.

and we are chatting with potential clients to establish the starting point with the most revenue potential.

Fanplastiek icon by Ilse Erasmus

once this all comes together we will be ready for phase three, fundraising and sponsorship. if you have any ideas or input or want to collaborate on this exciting project, send us a mail to!

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